Triggo is a unique, fully electric vehicle, thanks to its innovative design that combines the safety and comfort features of a car with the maneuverability and parking benefits of a scooter. A breakthrough in Triggo technology is the variable geometry chassis, which allows you to drive in two modes: cruise mode for high-speed stability and maneuver mode, where the vehicle efficiently maneuvers in traffic jams and takes up very little parking space. Its features make it ideally suited to the upcoming new urban mobility services. The vehicle uses, among other things, innovative “Drive-by-Wire” digital control and a system of replaceable batteries, which shortens charging stops and makes the vehicle independent from the infrastructure of public charging stations.

The vehicle is implemented from scratch by Polish technical thought. The assumptions and concepts of Triggo are protected by international patents currently covering the area inhabited by nearly 4 billion people. The project is a response to the growing demand for future-oriented services of means of transport sharing and electromobility in the largest European, Asian and American metropolitan markets.