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 recover time wasted on daily commutes!

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Just one click of the button located on the steering wheel away!
Modify Triggos' width on the go
and let it suits
your needs just perfectly! 

How Triggo recovers time wasted on daily commutes?

YES- it is s... 
disarmingly simple! 


Pass swiftly through
any encountered traffic jam!

Just like that, you gain the ability to arrive at your destination on time!
Forget the traffic and be  #always_on_time!


Triggos' variable geometry chassis- the future of e-mobility.

When you have miles to swallow – it is stable like a car. When you need to go through traffic jams or find a parking park spot – it is agile like a motorcycle. All thanks to the revolutionary concept of variable chassis geometry with two modes

of operation.


Cruise mode – chassis extended

For fast driving, requiring better stability.

Vehicle width: 

148 cm


Maximum speed:

90 km/h


Manoeuvering mode – chassis retracted

For slow driving, in

a parking lot or when passing cars stuck in

a traffic jam

Vehicle width: 

86 cm


Maximum speed:


turning radius:

3,5 M





the delivery

Designed for robo-taxi and car sharing systems.

In vehicle sharing systems, constant availability of the fleet and the presence of vehicles where users actually need them are the key aspects. Triggo effectively responds to these needs. PERFECT SOLUTIONS FOR SHARING SYSTEMs.

 Rapid Battery Change, or RBC System

“Refuelling” energy wherever Triggo is. Instead of vehicle downtime for the time of charging, it’s enough to just charge and replace the batteries. Another benefit from the BRC is no need to deliver vehicles found discharged far from a charger.


Lean into the corners just like motorcycles do! No additional skills
are required, get behind the wheels
and enjoy the ride! 

Besides being practical...
Triggo is also fun!

Leans up to 20 degrees
on one side!